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Plating and assembly is often required for castings in order to improve appearance, value, or quality. Many castings are complete after plating and assembly. This is a convenience to customers who do not have manufacturing facilities of their own.

Finishing, Plating, and Assembly

Some products are not complete without a customized metal plating. When catering to different markets, a different surface finish can greatly influence a product's value. We can offer plating as a convenience in order to save our customers both time and expense.

Other services include part finishing and assembly. Items such as earrings, belt buckles, and necklaces require additional fittings before they are consumer ready. We frequently finish castings common to the jewelry industry such as earring posts, pins, and buckle findings. Additionally, we can assemble necklaces and bracelets.

If you have other requirements for plating, finishing, or assembly which would be more convenient to process at our facility, we are willing to discuss our capabilities.

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